Calgary, AB,

Let’s talk changes to Crowchild Trail

More than 100,000 Calgarians rely on Crowchild Trail each day to reach their destinations. It is a critical part of Calgary’s transportation network—it is the primary north-south link across the west side of Calgary, provides critical access to east-west routes, and connects major destinations across the city.

The City is conducting a transportation corridor study to identify short-, medium-, and long-term plans for Crowchild Trail from 24 Ave. N.W. to 17 Ave. S.W.

The Crowchild Trail Study is now in Phase 3: Concept Identification. Throughout November, the project team will be working with Calgarians to explore ideas on possible changes to Crowchild Trail that will help address issues today and accommodate Calgary’s growth in the coming decades.

“We’re working with Calgarians to put pen to paper,” say Project Manager, Fesial Lakha. “We know Calgarians have great ideas. The workshops are an opportunity to explore the benefits, impacts, constraints and trade-offs of different ideas participants bring to the table.”

Public workshops are scheduled on Nov. 7, Nov. 9 and Nov. 14. Space is limited. Calgarians can RSVP online at Additional drop-in sessions are scheduled week of Nov. 16. For those unable to attend an in-person event, an online idea forum will also be available starting Nov. 9.

The project team will use the input gathered to develop preliminary concepts for Phase 4: Concept Evaluation in Spring 2016. The six-phase study is expected to be complete by end of 2016, with study recommendations brought forward to Council early 2017.

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About the Crowchild Trail Study process

The Crowchild Trail Study’s six-phase study process invites the public to participate right from the start of the study, before project goals are established. Calgarians have multiple opportunities to share their input in each phase of the study to help influence project decisions. The six study phases are:

Phase 1: Engagement Process Design (Feb. to Mar. 2015)
Phase 2: Confirm Project Goals (June to Sept. 2015)
Phase 3: Concept Identification (Oct. 2015 to Spring 2016) – We are here now.
Phase 4: Concept Evaluation (Spring 2016)
Phase 5: Concept Selection and Recommendation (Summer 2016)
Phase 6: Reporting and Completion (Fall 2016)

The six-phase study is expected to be complete by end of 2016, with study recommendations being brought forward to Council early 2017.