Calgary, AB,

Kensington Public Realm Improvement construction starting this week

The City of Calgary in partnership with the Kensington Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) will begin construction on improvements to Kensington’s public realm starting the week of Monday, April 4. The project will replace ageing infrastructure on 10 Street N.W. between Memorial Drive and 5 Avenue N.W. and Kensington Road between 10 Street N.W. and 14 Street N.W.

Improvements in Kensington will include new sidewalks, streetlights, trees and street furniture for safer mobility for all users in Kensington’s public realm.

“We all know Kensington as a great community and at The City we’re committed to keeping it that way by improving safety and mobility and creating more livable streets,” said City of Calgary project manager Erin Ward.

The City will be installing new energy efficient LED streetlights and pedestrian lights to the area so Calgarians can safely enjoy Kensington after the sun goes down.

Additionally, broken interlocking paving stones on 10 Street N.W. and Kensington Road N.W. will be replaced with new concrete sidewalks to eliminate trip hazards and brand new trees will replace old or dying ones. New litter receptacles, bike racks and benches will also be added to the neighbourhood.

“With over 270 shops and services in Kensington, pedestrian traffic is important for a thriving business community,”said Annie MacInnis, executive director of the Kensington BRZ. “The work being done during this project will improve the experience of visitors to Kensington. This project will allow a century old community to maintain its vibrancy for years to come.”

Construction will begin the week of April 4 on the east side of 10 Street N.W. between Memorial Drive and 2 Avenue N.W. and will begin with the removal of existing street furniture and trees that need to be replaced. Construction on each block is expected to take approximately two to three weeks to complete depending on weather and the length of the block.

A detailed construction schedule will be available online at Construction is expected to be ongoing through October, but as with all construction projects the timeline for completion is weather dependent. Efforts will be made to minimize the impact to local businesses during construction by ensuring pedestrian access is maintained through temporary sidewalk construction.

For more information on this project citizens are encouraged to visit or contact 311.