Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews battle two alarm fire in Country Hills

Shortly after 3:00 this afternoon, 9-1-1 received multiple calls regarding visible flames on a third floor balcony at a four story condominium  building on Country Village Bay N.E. One of the calls came from the alarm company which monitors the fire alarm system in the building.

When fire crews arrived, they were met with heavy fire and smoke from the third and fourth floor balconies. A second alarm was called for additional resources. Some tenants had started evacuating due to the activated fire alarm however some needed additional assistance from fire crews due to mobility difficulties.

Firefighters quickly knocked down the fire which had entered two suites from the outside. Fire damage was limited to the two suites however there was smoke damage to other parts of the building. Evacuees were sheltered in a Calgary Transit Bus until fire crews determined when it would be safe to re-enter. Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) was called to support evacuees who may need additional assistance or may be displaced.

No injuries were reported as a result of this fire. Approximately 30 people and several pets were safely evacuated from the building.

Firefighters have been assessing each area of the building for any residual carbon monoxide levels to determine when it may be safe to allow residents back in. Utilities to the entire have also been affected and may also delay the re-entry of residents.

A fire investigator is on scene to determine the exact origin and cause of this fire. 

In some cases, fires which start on balconies can often be attributed to the improper disposal of smoking materials.

The Calgary Fire Department would like to remind citizens that smoking materials should always be placed in sturdy non combustible containers which are wind resistant and never in planter pots, flower beds, mulch or any vegetation. For more information on fire prevention, please visit