Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire crews kept busy during afternoon storm

This afternoon, parts of Calgary were hit with a brief but powerful storm which kept fire crews extremely busy for several hours. Calgary firefighters responded to two house fires, both of which were reported to be caused by lightning strikes.

One house fire on Stranraer Place SW was upgraded to a second alarm. A gas line had been damaged and was venting. Fire crews successfully kept the fire from spreading to neighbouring buildings and extinguished the fire in the attic. ATCO is on scene to repair the damaged gas line. No injuries were reported as a result of this fire.

A house fire was also reported on Beny-Sur-Mer Road S.W. where flames were venting through the roof. Fire crews quickly extinguished the fire and again, no injuries were reported. There were several more calls in which residents thought their houses had been struck by lightning, however fire crews found no sign of fire upon investigation. There were also multiple reports of trees which had been truck by lightening. 

Due to a heavy downpour, the southwest part of the city sustained sudden flooding on some roadways, trapping motorists in their cars and creating significant traffic delays. There were reports of manhole covers which had dislodged due to heavy water flow. Flooding in residential basements was also reported. 

Within a two hour period, the Calgary Fire Department responded to over 60 emergency calls, most of which were a direct result of the storm.