Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews fight industrial fire in the south east

Just after 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 29, Calgary 9-1-1 started receiving calls about a building fire at the 1200 block of 58 Avenue S.E. The initial caller, an employee of the industrial manufacturing company located there, stated that one of their machines was on fire. The building's fire alarm system was activated and all employees quickly and safely evacuated. On arrival, smoke and fire could be seen coming from the building's rooftop exhaust canopy and growing quickly.

Fire crews started with an interior attack but due to accessibility issues, switched to larger hose lines and attacked the fire from the rooftop as well as with an aerial master stream. This tactic resulted in a quick knockdown of the fire. CPS (Calgary Police Service) officers assisted at the fire scene by closing area roads to traffic as fire crews needed to run water supply lines from the hydrant across the street to the fire trucks.  ATCO and ENMAX were also called to the scene to ensure utilities to the building were completely shut off so that they posed no threat to firefighters.

No injuries to employees or firefighters were reported. Due to the extremely hot outdoor temperatures, extra resources were called to the scene in order rotate crews more frequently without impeding firefighting efforts. Two of the Calgary Fire Department's FRPs (Fire Response Paramedics) were called to the incident and set up a rehabilitation station so that firefighters could cool down,rest, rehydrate and be monitored for any heat related injuries before gearing up and going back in. 

The exact origin and cause of the fire is under investigation by a CFD fire investigator.