Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews fight downtown building fire

At approximately 1:30 on Sunday afternoon, Calgary fire crews responded to the 800 block of 12 Avenue S.W. for a building fire. Multiple calls to 9-1-1 were made with one caller reporting thick black smoke in the hallway and another stating that the fire alarm had been activated. When firefighters arrived on scene, they found the fire in a basement storage room with smoke spreading throughout the building. Firefighters  contained the fire to the room of origin and quickly extinguished it.

The 15 evacuees from the building were sheltered in a Calgary Transit bus which was brought to the scene.  Fire crews ventilated the building, conducted air monitoring and then let residents back into their suites. No injuries were reported as a result of this fire.

A Calgary Fire Department fire investigator attended the scene to determine the exact origin and cause of this fire.

The building' s fire and life safety systems worked as intended, alerting residents to the fire so that they could quickly and safely evacuate. Residents who called 9-1-1 gave important information to dispatchers which was passed on to responding fire crews. 

The Calgary Fire Department encourages citizens to be aware of the following;

  • If you discover a fire, sound the alarm and call the fire department.
  • Leave the fire area quickly, closing all doors behind you to slow the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Follow your building's evacuation plan, unless doing so puts you in immediate danger. If you encounter smoke or flames, use an alternative escape route. 
  • If you must escape through smoke crawl low. Heat and smoke rise. 
  • Test doors for heat with the back of your hand before you open them. If the door is hot, use an alternative escape route.
  • Never use an elevator during a fire. It may stop at a floor where the fire is burning or malfunction and trap you. Go directly to a stairwell that's free of smoke and flame.
  • Once you are out, stay out, and stay out of the way of firefighters. Tell the fire department if you know of anyone trapped in the building. Do not go back inside for any reason, until the firefighters tell you it is safe to do so.

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