Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews called to downtown apartment fatality

Shortly after 11:00 this morning, Calgary fire crews were called to a high rise building at the 900 block of 9 Avenue S.W. for reports of heavy smoke damage in a suite on the 16th floor. EMS were first on scene and discovered a deceased male inside the suite after being requested to do a check on welfare by a concerned neighbour. EMS personnel promptly called CPS and CFD to the scene.

Fire crews entered the suite to assess if there was any active fire present and to ensure the safety of first responders. They discovered heavy smoke staining throughout the suite which indicates that there had been a significant fire recently.

CFD fire investigators as well as CPS arson detectives and the medical examiner were called to the scene. Initial observations lead investigators to believe that this fire was accidental in nature however the investigation continues. An autopsy on the male in his sixties is scheduled for next week.

Questions regarding the activation of smoke alarms as well as the building's fire and life safety systems are part of the investigation. The Calgary Fire Department had received no 9-1-1 calls to attend any fire related event at that address within the last month.