Calgary, AB,

Applying for a home improvement project gets 51 times easier

The City of Calgary has made life simpler for homeowners interested in starting a home improvement project that requires a permit. A new, straightforward application process is being introduced today that consolidates 51 applications into a single application form. The new approach cuts red tape and takes the guessing game out of permitting requirements. Homeowners no longer need to determine when a building, development or trade permit is required, as City staff will coordinate these needs on their behalf.

“We’re focused on improving our services for homeowners, and that includes reviewing our own processes to make them easier for our customers,” says Mike van Ham, applications and inquiries coordinator with The City’s Planning & Development department. “Homeowners have told us that they want an easy and straightforward approach to applying for permits; this is the first step before we enable them to apply for permits online.”

The City is also introducing checklists that will help ensure homeowners have all they need to complete their single application form. Plain language and illustrations are part of the new checklists, helping homeowners better understand safety and bylaw requirements when applying.

“We’re just getting started on making improvements for homeowners,” says van Ham. “In addition to using their feedback to enhance, we’re working towards accepting the most popular permit applications online this November, including basements, decks and garages applications.”

Planning & Development is making progress on implementing the recommendations made last year during its Zero Based Review, which proposed a number of improvements for homeowners and business customers. To learn more about these service improvements visit