Calgary, AB,

Update to north east duplex fire

Working smoke alarms did alert occupants to the presence of smoke and fire

At approximately 12:45 Friday afternoon, Calgary fire crews were called to a multi unit duplex at the 200 block of 23 Avenue North East for reports of a fire in one of the suites located in the basement. One male was transported to hospital for smoke inhalation injuries.

Initial reports from first arriving fire crews indicated that smoke alarms were not in alarm when they entered the structure to fight the fire. New information as a result of the ongoing investigation has now found that the interconnected smoke alarms did activate and it was their sound that alerted occupants to the presence of smoke and flames. Occupants evacuated as a result of those alarms. It is not known why the alarms stopped working prior to CFD arrival on scene however the fire investigator will continue to investigate that aspect of the fire.

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