Calgary, AB,

The City of Calgary kicks off its 2017 paving program

The 2017 paving program officially gets underway this week. This year’s program will include more than 100 locations where City and contracted crews will be replacing damaged asphalt and concrete to make Calgary roads smoother and safer.

For the 2017 construction season, nearly $35 million has been allocated by Roads to maintain the city’s existing roadways through lifecycle maintenance construction - paving and concrete work. Calgarians should begin to see this work happening on major roadways and on residential streets.Larger project areas this year include:

  • 14 Street N.W. (from 21 Avenue N.W. to 64 Avenue N.W.)
  • 11 Street N.E. (from 49 Avenue N.E. to 57 Avenue N.E.)
  • 16 Avenue N.E. (from 5 Street N.E. to Deerfoot Trail limits)
  • 32 Street N.E. (from 36 Street to Burroughs Manor N.E.)
  • Heritage Drive S.E. (from Glendeer Circle S.E. to 77 Avenue S.E.)
  • 6 Avenue S.W. (from 10 Street S.W. to 16 Street S.W. including 14 Street S.W. ramps)
  • 37 Street S.W. (from 33 Avenue S.W. to Richardson Way S.W.)
  • Spruce Drive S.W. (from Worcester Drive S.W. to 8 Avenue S.W.)

“Several of our paving projects this year will be welcome news to those who use these routes and have been asking for smoother roads for some time,” says Roads’ Manager of Construction Barry Poon. “For example, people have expressed a need for 11 Street S.E. to be paved and that is one of the locations we are doing.”

This year will also see extensive paving in communities of Rundle, Martindale, Rosscarrock, Woodbine and Willow Park. The concrete and paving work will help rejuvenate the road infrastructure in these neighbourhoods

“All of this work will help keep our transportation network in good condition so it is efficient and safe for all road users including pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and motorists,” says Poon.

The allocation of our work plans and budgets works out to a division of about 57% contractor projects and 43% City forces. “This contracted work helps our private industry roadbuilding partners as they are able to hire more staff and stimulate the economy right here in Calgary,” Poon adds.

Paving work will continue until the end of October and will be scheduled during off-peak hours and at night when possible to mitigate impacts to motorists and pedestrians. We ask that residents be patient, slow down and obey all construction signage and detours. We also ask that citizens remove their vehicles as requested to allow us to complete our work efficiently and in a timely manner.

The City would also like to remind citizens they are able to see all roadway projects, including paving, on the Roadway Activities Map.

For more information on this year’s paving projects, visit