Calgary, AB,

News Release – Construction set to begin on Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road S.E. Interchange

Major construction activity will begin today on an interchange project at Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road in southeast Calgary. The project will result in the creation of a free flow roadway with no at-grade railway tracks for Glenmore Trail between 18 Street S.E. and Barlow Trail, including an overpass spanning the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and Canadian National Railway (CNR) tracks, and the Western Headworks Canal.

“The Interchange will greatly improve mobility in Calgary's Southeast Industrial Area, which is a major economic engine for our City,” said Ward 9 Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra. “It will improve the liveability of the great neighbourhoods of Millican-Ogden and Riverbend by easing congestion, improving connectivity, and reducing cut-through traffic.”

“Most importantly, it creates a passage for the southeast leg of the Greenline, connecting the southeast to the downtown, and facilitating the Transit Oriented Development essential to our future,” Carra added.

When this project is completed Glenmore Trail will be free-flowing with no signal lights between Barlow Trail S.E. and Sarcee Trail S.W.

The project includes a new interchange at Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road, a new roadway on Glenmore Trail between 18 Street S.E. and Ogden Road, and a new bridge over the CPR and CNR tracks and the Western Headworks Canal.

Along with the relocation of major utilities, the project also includes improvements to the intersection at Glenmore Trail and Barlow Trail, as well as the eventual closure of Shepard Road south of Glenmore Trail, to be replaced by a new roadway at 26 Street.

In order to allow for construction of the new roadway and bridge structures, the detour for Glenmore Trail will separate eastbound and westbound traffic. Once the Glenmore Trail detour is finished, vehicles will be diverted onto the detour in the spring of 2016. The detour will accommodate traffic for approximately 18 months while the new roadway and interchange is completed. Access to Ogden Road and connection to Barlow Trail will be maintained during the construction period.

The opening of the interchange is anticipated to be late 2017.

The budget for this project is $125 million.

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