Calgary, AB,

Greenline Southeast Transitway first time saving initiative

Construction has begun on the first time saving initiative as part of the Greenline Southeast Transitway project.

This first initiative is an intersection improvement at Barlow Trail and 114 Avenue S.E. which includes adding a second left turn lane from northbound Barlow Trail to westbound 114 Avenue. The existing eastbound right turn lane on 114 Avenue S.E. will also be lengthened to allow for additional vehicle storage. Both of these changes will help improve traffic flow through the intersection and thereby help to reduce bus travel time for the BRT Route 302 in the southeast.

The City’s analysis shows that these changes could reduce overall delays by up to 16 percent during the morning peak period.

In addition to reducing travel times for the BRT Route 302 and other transit routes, these improvements are expected to improve overall traffic flow for all motorists using the intersection.

“I’m very excited about seeing construction underway on the first of these initiatives related to the Greenline Southeast Transitway,” said Councillor Shane Keating. “The impact of these efforts should become apparent to anyone riding the BRT Route 302 express bus between Seton and downtown by saving travel time.”

A number of locations have been identified where improvements could be made to reduce or mitigate current travel time for the BRT Route 302 and other buses along that route. Additional initiatives are being planned for construction in 2015, including:

  • Widening 52 Street S.E. between 130 Avenue and Stoney Trail from four to six lanes to implement transit-only lanes
  • Relocate bus routes off Deerfoot Trail to access 114 Avenue S.E. using 40 Street S.E., plus adding a half-kilometre of new roadway
  • Widening 130 Avenue S.E. between 48 Street and 52 Street from four to six lanes to implement transit-only lanes
  • Construct transit queue jumps and reprioritize signals and install signals at various locations.

“The goal of the Greenline Southeast Transitway is to help reduce travel time, increase ridership and improve reliability,” added Keating. “These initiatives help The City achieve this goal.”                                                                      

The Greenline Southeast Transitway will be one of the first dedicated transitway services in Calgary hosting dedicated buses that will operate similarly to the ultimate LRT. The transitway will be rail convertible meaning the infrastructure required for ultimate LRT will be pre-built and resulting in overall cost savings.

Stage 1 construction of the Greenline Southeast Transitway is planned to be a dedicated transitway for rail convertible Bus Rapid Transit from 4 Street S.E. to Douglas Glen. This stage is nearly 13 kilometres in length, five kilometres longer than the West LRT project. The overall length of the entire Greenline Southeast Transitway is approximately 26 kilometres.


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