Calgary, AB,

City continues collaboration to create new transportation options

The City is working hard to define rules for private for-hire transportation companies so they can safely and successfully operate in Calgary. We welcome innovation and believe in creating opportunities for new ideas to thrive and grow. Currently, The City of Calgary’s Livery Transport Bylaw does not allow for new technologies and competition. Change is needed.

On Nov. 16, 2015, The City will be presenting multiple options to Council which may allow for this change.

Passenger and driver safety is important and The City’s current regulations help ensure safety within the taxi industry for both groups. For example, licensing requirements include driver criminal checks, driver training, vehicle inspections, commercial automobile insurance, regular mechanical checks, meter accuracy and cameras in vehicles.

Drivers, passengers and any third party in an unlicensed vehicle may be at risk of not having access to insurance protection and accident benefits under Alberta law. Alberta’s Superintendent of Insurance issued an advisory notice regarding private for-hire vehicle services and knowing the risks before using one of these services.

“The City continues to evaluate options that will allow private for-hire vehicle companies to operate safely in Calgary,” said Marc Halat, manager of Compliance Services. “Until such time as changes are approved, enforcement efforts will continue under the current bylaw. Citizen safety is always our primary concern.”

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