Calgary, AB,

Car Fire in Downtown Parkade

At approximately 9:30 Tuesday night, the Calgary Fire Department responded to a 911 call for alarms at the 1300 block of first street in southeast downtown Calgary. On arrival crews received reports of a fire in the parkade area of a 29 story residential tower. On entry to the parking area, crews were met with large volumes of thick smoke and were able to locate three burning vehicles by utilizing thermal imaging cameras. Firefighters were able to attack the fire and quickly bring it under control while other teams evacuated the apartment building due to smoke in the living areas. Approximately 250 residents were temporarily evacuated to the street area in front of the building while firefighters cleared smoke and ensured safe air quality within.

The Calgary Fire Department utilized the large volume trailer mounted fan to force smoke from the parkade and surrounding structure. Calgary Police were on scene to assist with evacuation and perimeter control and AHS was on scene to assist with patient care. Fire damage was limited to three vehicles and smoke damage impacted the entire parkade area. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined and investigators are currently on scene.

The Calgary Fire Department reminds citizens to be familiar with escape routes and evacuation plans.