Calgary, AB,

Calgary Transit launches Customer Commitment

(Calgary, AB) – Calgary Transit is excited to introduce the Customer Commitment – a program aiming to improve the customer experience and increase transparency.

The Customer Commitment is a promise to deliver the six qualities of service that customers and employees identified as the most important: safe, reliable, helpful, informative, easy to use and clean.

“We’ve always been customer-focused, but the Customer Commitment allows us to bring an increased focus to the customer experience,” says Calgary Transit Director Doug Morgan. “We will invest in projects and initiatives that can positively impact the customer experience in these six areas, and we’ll measure our performance and publicly report on the results.”

“This is a big deal for Calgary Transit customers and a continued commitment to putting the citizen first,” says Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “Better information and reliability will dramatically improve Calgary Transit for everyone.”   

Calgary Transit collects data from the annual customer satisfaction surveys and monitors the on-time performance of the transit system. This information was used to develop performance measures for each of the promises. Now, new performance targets have been set, which Calgary Transit aims to reach by 2018. The Commitment also identifies the actions Calgary Transit can take to improve or continue to maintain performance ratings. Calgarians are encouraged to visit
commitment to learn more.

The Customer Commitment came from the ideas and input of Calgary Transit customers and employees. RouteAhead, Calgary’s 30-year plan for transit, was created with input from more than 4,000 citizens on what mattered most to them. Hundreds of Calgary Transit employees also shared ideas on how the customer experience could be improved. Their suggestions became these promises:

Safe: We’ll plan, design and operate a safe transit system.
Reliable: We’ll provide a dependable transit service by minimizing delays and being on time.
Helpful: We’ll provide a service that is friendly and helpful.
Informative: We’ll provide customers with accurate, consistent and timely information.
Easy to use: We’ll make it easy to get around on Calgary Transit.
Clean: We’ll keep our vehicles, stops and stations clean.

The Customer Commitment was developed to increase transparency and accountability to customers, provide the best possible transit experience and increase transit ridership by making the service more attractive. Calgary Transit’s vision is to be the first choice for getting around Calgary, and living the Commitment sets the direction towards reaching that vision.