Calgary, AB,

Calgary Transit cancels electronic fare collection system

Calgary Transit has made the decision not to move ahead with its CONNECT system.

In 2010, Calgary Transit contracted Telvent (Schneider Electric) to deliver an Electronic Fare Collection (EFC) system to Calgarians through a competitive bidding process. 

In late 2012, technical problems arose that prevented the project from being completed and the contract was cancelled with Schneider Electric. In November 2013, based on information from Schneider that the system was almost complete and could be implemented quickly, Calgary Transit brought Schneider back for another try.

Recent testing identified reliability issues with the EFC system and the supplier, Schneider, has now stated they will not be able to meet the agreed reliability targets for the system.

As the system deals with customer funds and Calgary Transit revenues, intermittent failures of the system would be unacceptable. Based on the testing, the EFC system could negatively impact the customers’ experience in paying their fares.

Calgary Transit is committed to providing its customers with a cost-effective, easy-to-use, fare collection system. 

Calgary Transit will continue to research and monitor advances in fare payment technology to determine the best options for moving forward. As other transit agencies are also facing challenges with their EFC systems, it is important to continue to monitor how technology is progressing before deciding on another project.

To date, $5 million has been paid to Schneider Electric. Calgary Transit will attempt to recover the money through all legal means necessary.

Calgary Transit understands our customers need for convenient ways to pay fares, but could not launch a system that was not reliable. Calgary Transit apologizes to customers for any inconvenience this has caused.