Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire Department Responds to Multiple Water Rescue Incidents

On the afternoon of June 26th, the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) responded to multiple water rescue incidents on the Bow and Elbow rivers. Multiple rafts and other water craft were found to be in distress over a three hour period after capsizing and having impacts with bridges. The rescued boaters were found on islands and banks without their water crafts, as well as boaters who lost their boats and were stranded in the water at or near bridges.

The CFD also located and rescued a young fawn near Harvie passage that was struggling in the current. The animal was taken into care by animal services in good condition. The CFD also assisted with AHS medics to locate and evacuate a person with traumatic injuries near the Weaselhead area of the Elbow River. The person was inaccessible by road or path and has to be evacuated by boat.

As always, Calgarians are reminded to use caution and be prepared for anything on the water. All watercraft users must wear lifejackets, ensure they have the required equipment for boating, and must avoid consuming alcohol and other intoxicants on Calgary's waterways. Boaters should avoid tying multiple crafts together as this can lead to dangerous entanglement.

The City of Calgary encourages all water users to familiarize themselves with safety practice bylaws and safety alerts on . Learn more about river flow rates – what is normal, and when flooding begins, on The City's River Flow Rates webpage. Current flow rates can be found at

Please remember, where there is water, there is risk.