Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire Department issues fire safety advisory in response to dry, windy weather




Due to recent dry and windy weather conditions, the Calgary Fire Department is placing a fire safety advisory in effect for Calgary. This fire safety advisory is to remind citizens to be cautious when using outdoor open flames and disposing of smoking materials.

“The weather forecast is showing continued dry and windy weather with little precipitation predicted for Calgary, so there is a higher risk of fire,” said Ed Kujat, fire marshal with the Calgary Fire Department. “Dry conditions increase the risk for fires to ignite, while windy weather increases the chance and speed for any fire to spread. We ask that everyone be vigilant when disposing of smoking materials and when using outdoor flames.”

With two recent grass fires at Nose Hill Park and several local Alberta municipalities implementing fire bans and advisories due to similar weather conditions, the Calgary Fire Department continues to watch weather forecasts to ensure Calgary is prepared for any changes to the fire risk.

“It is starting to feel like spring and so more people may consider barbequing or using their fire pits, so we ask everyone to be very careful and alert,” added Kujat.  

Calgarians are asked to be cautious in the city’s large natural growth parks and green spaces where there are dry grasses and shrubs. Remember to only dispose of smoking materials in proper ashtrays and to limit outdoor fires to approved fire pits according to the Community Standards Bylaw.

As weather conditions and the fire risk changes, the Calgary Fire Department will continue to update the status of the fire safety advisory.

To learn about the status of fire bans and advisories throughout Alberta visit and for more information on The Calgary Fire Department and Calgary fire bans and safety advisories, visit  or call 311. Remember to always call 9-1-1 to report a fire.