Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire Crews Respond to Two Structure Fires Minutes Apart

At 1:10 this afternoon on Wednesday, November 24, fire crews in the south east part of the city were called to a recycling facility located at the 10300 block of 46 Street for reports of a fire. Fire extinguishment efforts had already begun by trained workers on site prior to Calgary Fire Department (CFD) arrival on scene. Arriving crews quickly entered the facility and found the remnants of the fire in a hopper. Firefighters extinguished the remaining flames and declared the fire as out less than 15 minutes later.

No injuries were reported as a rsult of this incident.A Calgary Fire Department Fire Investigator attended the scene to determine the cause. It is believed that the fire might have been the result of an improperly disposed of lithium battery.

Batteries always need to be separated and taken to a different location for safe handling. If they end up in any of the bins (blue, green or black), the batteries can get crushed by equipment leading to fires at the recycling facility, composting facility and landfill sites. For information on where to properly recycle batteries, please visit  For more information on what goes where, visit


At 1:11 p.m., Calgary fire crews were dispatched to a hotel located at the 3100 block of 26 Street N.E. for reports of a fire on the roof. When fire crews arrived, flames and smoke were visible. Due to the location of the fire and its extension into the building, a second alarm was called by the fire captain for additional resources.

Three hotel staff and two guests were evacuated from the building. Two roofers also evacuated prior to CFD arrival on scene. No injuries were reported as a result of this fire. A Calgary Fire Department Fire Investigator attended the scene to determine the exact origin and cause.

It is believed that this fire is accidental in nature and related to the roofing work being done on the building.