Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews respond to multiple odour complaints throughout the City

The Calgary Fire Department has responded to dozens of calls throughout the week from citizens concerned about a nuisance odour in their neighbourhood. These calls have come from all over the City with call volumes concentrated in the North East.

With the recent warmer weather, ice on storm water ponds has been melting. Odours from storm ponds are normal due to the decay of accumulated organic material. Ice on the ponds traps odours which are then released when the ice melts. Storm pond odours do not present a risk to public health or the environment. To learn more see

Every Calgary Fire Department apparatus in the city carries a multi gas detection monitor. The City's hazardous materials trucks have an even greater array of air monitoring instruments which can be used to deal with potential hazardous materials situations.

Calgary fire crews attend each location to assess for any gas leaks or other hazardous materials. If you suspect a natural gas leak or the presence of other hazardous gases, please call 9-1-1.