Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews extinguish north east duplex fire

one occupant transported to hospital by EMS

At approximately 12:45 Friday afternoon, Calgary fire crews were called to a multi unit duplex at the 200 block of 23 Avenue North East for reports of a fire in one of the suites located in the basement.  When fire crews arrived on scene, smoke was coming from the entrance of the building. Firefighters proceeded to the basement and found a mattress on fire in one of the suites which they quickly extinguished with water.

All residents of the building's 10 single room suites had evacuated prior to firefighters' arrival on scene. One resident in the suite where the fire originated sustained some smoke inhalation injuries and was assessed and then transported to an area hospital by EMS.

Although smoke alarms were present in every suite, none had activated as a result of the fire and smoke. The cause of the fire is under investigation by a Calgary Fire Department Fire Investigator. Damage is limited to the suite of origin. Other residents are expected to be allowed back in later today.

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