Calgary, AB,

Sharing thanks with Calgary Transit: Thank Your Driver Day!

On Friday, March 18, join us in celebrating Thank Your Driver Day to recognize our hard-working bus and CTrain operators. Every weekday, more than half a million Calgarians get around the city with the help of Calgary Transit’s drivers. They have a tough job and it’s time we thanked them.

Our drivers regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to make life better for Calgarians. Recent examples include returning a lost boy to his family, rescuing a dog, helping a woman in distress, assisting a man in a wheelchair and going the extra mile to ensure a passenger got home safe on a cold night.

But transit drivers don’t need to make news headlines to make our days – they make a difference by driving us safely from A to B while being courteous and friendly.

Showing your appreciation could be as simple as saying thanks or giving your driver smile and wave. Passengers can send thanks on Instagram and Twitter to @calgarytransit by using the hashtag #thanksCT or by sharing thanks through our online form at

“Our drivers do an incredible job and really make a difference in the lives of Calgarians,” says Calgary Transit Director Doug Morgan. “We want to recognize one special day where passengers can make a point of saying, ‘Thanks, you do a lot for Calgary and we’re proud to have you here.’”

Transit operators do so much more than just drive; they help us honour our Customer Commitment of offering safe, reliable, helpful service by ensuring passenger safety, keeping to a schedule, giving directions, remembering stop requests, all while manoeuvring large vehicles through unpredictable traffic and adverse weather. They do all this and more with a smile on their face.

March 18 is Thank Your Driver Day because on that day in 1662, bus service debuted in Paris with horse-drawn vehicles. ­

Calgary Transit employs about 2,400 bus, CTrain and shuttle drivers. On March 18, be sure to thank at least one of them to show appreciation for the work they do 365 days a year.