Calgary, AB,

Multiple Grass and Brush Fires Around Calgary

On the evening of November 4th, 2021 the Calgary Fire Department responded to multiple grass and brush fires around the city. The majority of these fires appear to be caused by the careless use of fireworks. Many of these fires are in close proximity to public spaces and property. The Calgary Fire Department would like to remind citizens that fireworks and pyrotechnics must not be ignited or fired in Calgary except by a trained and certified professional with a fireworks permit. This includes consumer fireworks that have been purchased or ordered outside Calgary.

If you use fireworks or pyrotechnics without a permit you will be in violation of the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition). Permits are always required to ignite, shoot, or install fireworks, pyrotechnics and movie special effects.

For more information regarding the use of fireworks and permits please visit and search “fireworks”