Calgary, AB,

Commercial Building Fire in Southeast Calgary

At approximately 9:30AM on July 28, 2021, the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) responded to multiple 911 calls in the 10000 block of 48th Street in southeast Calgary for a building fire. Crews arrived to large volumes of smoke and flame coming from multiple transport trailers adjacent to a large commercial warehouse and loading dock. Firefighters immediately secured water from a nearby hydrant and applied hose streams to the area, quickly bringing the fire under control. The trailers were fully involved with fire from a flammable liquid that caused rapid spread of fire and the introduction of smoke into the open loading dock of the building. The building sprinkler system held the fire in the area of origin until crews arrived.

Three employees of the business sustained serious injuries from burns and were quickly assessed and transported to hospital by AHS paramedics and 2 employees were assessed on scene and did not require treatment. All other employees were safely evacuated and accounted for. The building sustained damage from smoke and fire on the outside as well as inside the warehouse and both involved trailers were destroyed along with their contents. Firefighters worked to contain the runoff from the incident as it contained hazardous materials. Crews will remain on scene for the duration of the day and the cause of the fire is under investigation.