Calgary, AB,

City of Calgary lifts boating advisory for Bow and Elbow Rivers

Boating advisory was issued on June 01, 2020

Due to improved conditions on the Bow and Elbow Rivers, the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) is lifting the boating advisory issued on June 01, 2020.

The flow rates on the Bow and Elbow Rivers have decreased and river conditions have improved. At these levels, people can resume normal activities on the river.

Flow levels are closely monitored by several City departments. Advisories are issued when flows exceed levels which present increased challenges for river users. During the spring/summer runoff season, melting snow and floating debris can create dangerous conditions for people on the river, prompting these types of advisories.

A lifted advisory does not remove the need for caution on the Bow River and all other waterways. Conditions are unpredictable this time of year and can change without warning such as when we experience sudden thunderstorms that result in rapid, short duration increases in flow.

As always, Calgarians are reminded to use caution and be prepared for anything on the water. All watercraft users should wear lifejackets, ensure they have the required equipment for boating, and should avoid consuming alcohol and other intoxicants on Calgary’s waterways.

The City of Calgary encourages all water users to familiarize themselves with safety practice bylaws and safety alerts on . Learn more about river flow rates – what is normal, and when flooding begins, on The City’s River Flow Rates webpage. Current flow rates can be found at

There are no current advisories on flood activity related to The City of Calgary. However, flooding can occur at any time, and the period between May 15 and July 15 is when The City is most likely to experience flooding.

Calgarians can check to understand their flood risk, and find more information on how to be prepared for flood season.

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