Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire Department Rope Rescue Team responds to a swing stage event

At approximately 11:30 this morning the Calgary Fire Department responded to reports of window cleaners in distress. Upon arriving at 225 6th Ave SW, crews encountered falling glass from a broken window on the 51st floor. With the assistance of CPS, crews quickly set up an exclusion zone around the building for both foot and vehicle traffic. Whilst the area was being made safe, information was gathered from the window cleaners, it was reported that a gust of wind blew the swing stage out and back in to the building which caused the corner window to break out. The Rope Recuse team assessed the situation and assisted in reducing the potential hazards. There were no injuries and corrective action is underway. Currently 6 Ave between Center and 2nd street SW is closed as well as 5th and 7th Ave SW and 1st Street. Crews will remain on scene till it is safe to reopen the roads.