Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire Department evacuates elementary school in NE




At approximately 12:15 this afternoon, Calgary fire crews were called to an elementary school at the 2300 block of Maunsell Drive NE. In some areas of the school, teachers and students were complaining of a strange odour as well as experiencing symptoms such as headaches and nausea. The entire school was quickly evacuated and students were safely moved to a neighbouring junior high school. Calgary firefighters including a Hazardous Materials team investigated the odour and assessed the air quality inside the school. ATCO gas was also called to assist. After a thorough search of the school, the source of the odour was determined to originate in the boiler room and had spread through the ventilation system. The situation is being remedied by school maintenance personnel. Students were allowed back in once the air quality was deemed safe. Some students and teachers were assessed by AHS. No other injuries were reported as a result of this incident.