Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire aquatics crews called to Mahogany Lake for missing girl

At approximately 2:00 p.m. on Monday, June 28, Calgary fire aquatics crews responded to Mahogany Lake for reports of a missing girl. Reports indicate that she had jumped off of the dock with friends and did not resurface. Calgary Fire Department divers went into the water and quickly started a grid search to locate her. Divers found her at a depth of approximately 15 to 18 feet and brought her to the dock where EMS and fire crews immediately started CPR. STARS Air Ambulance transported her to the Alberta Children's Hospital. At the time of transport, she was in critical life threatening condition. CPS officers cleared the area so that STARS could safely land and take off and employees of the Mahogany Beach Club quickly cleared the entire facility and beach area so that first responders could safely do their work.

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