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Stage 1 construction of Green Line

Green Line to be the longest LRT line ever constructed at one time in Calgary’s history

Today, City of Calgary Administration announced their recommendation for the first stage of construction for the Green Line LRT. Stage 1 of Green Line is recommended to extend from 16 Avenue N (Crescent Heights) to 126 Avenue S.E. (Shepard). This will be the longest LRT line ever constructed at one time in Calgary’s history, and is one of the largest transit projects being planned across Canada. As we’ve done with all other previous lines in Calgary, the Green line will open in 2026 with extensions added pending further funding.

“Building the core of the Green Line LRT is essential to supporting Calgary’s growth,” said Mac Logan, General Manager of Transportation for the City of Calgary. “We have a unique opportunity now to apply for a significant amount of funding. In building the most technically complex piece of the project first, we will be well positioned to expand the line in affordable, incremental pieces as more funding becomes available.”

On opening day, the $4.65 billion Stage 1 of the Green Line will carry upwards of 60,000 Calgarians across 20 kilometres and 14 stations. It will connect the downtown core to major activity centres like Quarry Park and to more than 60 existing community services, including recreation centres, parks, and libraries.

“Stage 1 of the Green Line will directly benefit Calgarians along the line and will support the city’s entire transportation network, by taking cars off the road and balancing demand on the busy Red and Blue LRT lines,” Logan continued.

In the 10 years leading up to opening day Stage 1 is estimated to create more than 12,000 direct construction jobs. Once built, an additional 400 long-term operational jobs will be created to operate and maintain Stage 1.

“This staging recommendation is the right approach for Calgary, today and in the long-term,” said Logan. “Stage 1 is ready for construction, demand for the line will only continue to grow, and with the economic down-turn, this is the right time to invest in jobs and make this project a reality.”

The Provincial and Federal governments have demonstrated their support and commitment to the full Green Line LRT vision, and it is expected that formal funding announcements will occur once The City provides a complete, Council-approved, vision and design for the Green Line to prospective funding partners. The full Green Line vision is going forward to City Council on June 26.

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