Calgary, AB,

New connector road completed in SE industrial area

An opening event was held today to celebrate the completion of a new road which will help to open up an area in southeast Calgary to industry and business. The 61 Avenue S.E. Extension will officially open to traffic tomorrow.

“The completion of this project provides for better transportation of people, goods and services, and will energize growth of future and planned development in the area,” said Ward 9 Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra. “I’m also excited that the project provides for pedestrian movement along 61 Avenue, including a Regional pathway which will ultimately connect with Ralph Klein Park.”

The project included the construction of a two-lane road from the existing flyover at Southeast Ring Road to 68 Street S.E., a new four-lane road from 68 Street to 57 Street S.E., and a new four-lane bridge over Forest Lawn Creek.

“We’re extremely pleased The City of Calgary has completed this connector project as it provides an accessible east-west link for motorists and truckers alike,” said Gene Orlick, Chairman of the Alberta Motor Transport Association. “This effectively accomplishes the goal of reaching the major distribution centres and transportation corridors in southeast Calgary on a timely basis, and alleviates a great deal of congestion on Stoney Trail allowing motorists to move freely.”

“It’s something we’ve seen as a need for some time now, and we can all enjoy the benefits immediately.”

Mac Logan, The City’s General Manager of Transportation stressed the emphasis on environmental protection and improvements.

“The project team made sure that the sensitive environmental elements were well protected, recognizing that the project would have some affect on local wetlands. Working with Alberta Environment and The City’s Parks department, all mitigation strategies available were applied to minimize any impacts.”

Some of the key environmental protection initiatives included construction of a longer bridge over Forest Lawn Creek to allow for safer movement of animals along the creek, upgrades to the wetlands area along 61 Avenue, and construction of a sidewalk and regional pathway.

This project helps fulfill the agreement between The City and the Provincial Government to construct roadway connections at specific locations along the Southeast Ring Road.

The budget was $23.5 million, and included land acquisition, engineering costs, construction and environmental improvements.

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