Calgary, AB,

Information and equipment theft

The Calgary Housing Company (CHC) was informed earlier this week that a vehicle belonging to one of its contractors had been stolen.

The theft was reported to police and an investigation was launched.

While the vehicle has been recovered, it has been determined that equipment and information is missing from the vehicle. No CHC tenant names or other personal information was included in the missing information. However, the equipment could allow an individual to create keys for some CHC units.

Steps have been taken to notify tenants.

“We apologize to our tenants and we are working with police and the contractor to address the situation,” said Sarah Woodgate, President of Calgary Housing Company. “We take the safety and security of tenants very seriously. This is an unfortunate incident and we are working around the clock to do what we can to help residents.”

Police are conducting a full investigation and making every effort to identify those responsible for the theft.

CHC and The City of Calgary are taking steps to address the situation. They include:

  • Having extra security patrolling CHC properties;
  • Working directly with those residents who have identified specific safety or security concerns; and
  • Rekeying CHC units that may be affected.

Steps have also been taken to reduce the potential for similar incidents to occur in future. That includes working with the contractor to adjust processes for the handling and storage of information.

CHC tentants who require assistance or more information are asked to contact 311. Translation services are also available.