Calgary, AB,

City taking further steps to protect the public and coyotes

The City of Calgary has received additional reports and information about conflicts between the denning coyotes in Panorama Hills and residents. As a result, The City is closing the entire green space, including the slope and pathway between Country Hills Boulevard NW and Hidden Creek Boulevard NW.

“Coyotes in the area are acting with more aggression,” says Tanya Hope, Ecologist, Calgary Parks. “This escalating behaviour is their way of protecting their young when they feel there is threat nearby.”

Parks closed the pathway along the top of the escarpment near Panorama Hills Landing last Friday, but unfortunately visitors to the area have not been respecting the closures, Hope says.

“We have been receiving reports from residents in the area, Alberta Fish and Wildlife, and other wildlife partners that coyotes in the area are approaching people along the pathway. We’re also receiving information that people continue to walk past the warning signage and tape into the closed area.”

The park space will be closed for at least one month, while City staff continue to monitor the area. The area will reopen once The City, in partnership with Alberta Fish and Wildlife, deem it safe.

Citizens are reminded to please respect all marked closures around the city. They are in place to protect the public and their pets, as well as the coyotes and other wildlife that also call Calgary home.

“If citizens continue to ignore the marked closures and threaten the coyotes by their sheer presence, the next steps The City will have to take could be lethal for the coyotes,” says Hope. “We don’t want to get to that point.”

Coyotes are a vital part of a functional and healthy ecosystem in Calgary. A diversity of wildlife in Calgary fosters more biodiversity in the city, which in turn helps our ecosystem better adapt and respond to stresses such as pest outbreaks or an extreme weather event.

“It is truly a privilege to have such a large variety of wildlife throughout the city,” says Hope. “We need to ensure we do our best to protect them, and learn how to co-exist with them.”

The public are asked to please continue reporting concerns regarding coyotes through 311, and in an emergency situation where there is immediate danger, call 911. Please include the address or description of the location of the concern or sighting so City staff can visit the area to assess the situation.

For a list of pathway closures, please visit


Images and a map of the closure are attached.

Audio clips and a-roll video footage are available for download for broadcast media use via the media advisory: City taking further steps to protect the public and coyotes: clips for media use.

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