Calgary, AB,

City of Calgary seeking input from Calgarians for Smart Cities Challenge

The City of Calgary is asking citizens to submit challenges in our community and ideas that use innovation, data and connected technology to solve important issues Calgary is facing as part of Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge. This national challenge encourages municipalities to take risks and submit bold ideas for an opportunity to win $50 million towards solving a local issue using a smart city approach.

“The City has been delivering smart services and investing in smart infrastructure for many years,” says Jeff Fielding, City Manager. “This challenge gives citizens an opportunity to get involved and help continue to make Calgary a smart, resilient and prosperous city.”

Participating communities must develop a ‘challenge statement’ reflecting a local issue that can be solved with the use of data and connected technology. The statement must include a measurable and attainable goal and communities must describe how they would use the money to attain that goal using a smart city approach.

“Calgary is a city full of innovators. By working together on this challenge, we can make our community even stronger by delivering more technology- and data-driven solutions”, said Monique Nesset, Smart City Lead. “We are asking citizens, innovators, academia, industry and community leaders to share their insights on what important issues Calgarians face and how they can be solved.”

Calgarians are asked to submit challenges that face our community, with a focus on economic opportunity, empowerment and inclusion. These areas have arisen as priority challenges that could benefit from focused energy and support through smart solutions. Identified challenges, when solved, could help foster economic prosperity, support the livelihoods of Calgarians, create employment opportunities, and result in initiatives that will help meet the basic needs of Calgarians. These ideas will help The City build a 50-word challenge statement and form our submission

There will be three opportunities for Calgarians to get involved in the Smart Cities Challenge:

  1. Submit a challenge statement (Feb. 20 – March 5)Calgarians can help form our challenge statement by submitting ideas related to challenges facing our community in the areas of economic resiliency and empowerment and inclusion online at
  2. Rate the challenge statements (March 6 – 11) Calgarians will be asked to rate the proposed challenge statements to help The City create one 50-word challenge statement.
  3. Share ideas to solve the challenge (March 19 – April 2) Calgarians will be asked to submit ideas on how to solve the chosen challenge using a smart city approach.

To get involved, Calgarians can learn more about the challenge at or visit to submit their ideas.