Calgary, AB,

City of Calgary Issues Court Summons to Illicit Cannabis Store

A retail store in southwest Calgary has been issued two mandatory court summons by City of Calgary business licence inspectors for illegally selling cannabis products to the public, in contravention of the Business Licence Bylaw.

Earlier this month, Calgary Community Standard’s Business Licensing division was informed the business was operating as a cannabis store, without the necessary licences or permits in place, and an investigation was launched. A business licence inspector visited the store and observed plant growing equipment, fertilizers, cannabis seeds and cannabis-related retail items for sale.

In Calgary, a development permit, building permit and municipal business licence are required to start a cannabis store. All businesses displaying, selling or offering for sale cannabis (including cannabis seeds) in Alberta must also obtain a retail cannabis licence from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC). City of Calgary business licence inspectors work closely with AGLC inspectors and Calgary Police Service to address complaints on cannabis concerns. Businesses can incur heavy fines for selling cannabis products without a licence. City of Calgary fines can be up to $10,000 for each violation. There can be additional fines levied at the provincial and federal level. Businesses may also have their business licence suspended or revoked.

“This serves as a reminder that business owners must obtain all AGLC and City permits and licences prior to operating a cannabis store. In addition, all cannabis offered for sale must be sourced from a federally approved and licensed cannabis facility,” said Acting Chief Business Licence Inspector Michael Briegel.

“For their safety and well-being, we are also asking Calgarians to make sure they are purchasing cannabis products from licensed, and therefore regulated businesses. Legitimate businesses will have permits and licences displayed inside the store,” added Briegel.