Calgary, AB,

Calgarians are reminded to use fire pits in a safe and responsible manner

Summer is a time to be outdoors, and The City of Calgary is reminding citizens using outdoor fire pits, outdoor fire places or portable fire receptacles to enjoy them in a safe and responsible manner.

“Sitting around a fire is a popular summer activity, but we want to make sure everyone stays safe this summer,” says Public Information Officer Carol Henke, Calgary Fire Department. “Keeping fires to a manageable size, having something close at hand to extinguish the fire, and ensuring a fire is always supervised are easy ways to prevent a fire from getting out-of-hand and leading to disastrous results.”

Fire pits, outdoor fire places and portable fire receptacles are a part of the Community Standards Bylaw, which is in place to help keep Calgary beautiful, healthy and safe for all citizens to enjoy. Things to remember when using fire-pit types of devices in your yard include:

-Ensure the fire does not exceed 1 metre at its widest point and is at least two metres from any house, garage or similar structure.

-Only burn clean, dry firewood. Do not burn wet or fresh cut wood, yard waste or wood that has been treated.

-Always have a way to put out the fire nearby, such as a watering hose or bucket of water.

-Ensure the fire is always supervised.

-Fires may only be burned in fire pits between 10 a.m. and 1 a.m.

-Always check to ensure no fire bans are in effect before using a fire pit

Citizens with concerns or a complaint about a back yard fire should contact 311 or call 9-1-1 to report an out-of-control fire in a backyard.

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