Calgary, AB,

Action Plan Check-in

Today, The City of Calgary held an event to launch the Action Plan Check-in with citizens to find out what matters most for 2017-2018.

Action Plan is The City’s business plan and budget document. It was developed in 2014 for the years 2015-2018. Council approved the Action Plan 2015­-2018 in November 2014, after significant public engagement and approval of Council Priorities to guide the development of the plans and budgets.

Council considers adjustments to the plan and budgets annually to respond to emerging issues and unexpected events. This year, and as part of the move to four-year plans and budgets, The City is introducing a more comprehensive mid-cycle process called the Action Plan Check-in. The Action Plan Check-in will involve regular communication with Council to check in on citizen engagement, economic scenarios and financial forecasts.

The first step in this process is to obtain feedback from Calgarians on what they feel matters most for 2017-2018. Speaking to a crowd on 8th Ave SW over the lunch hour Mayor Naheed Nenshi said, “The business plans and budgets are some of the most important documents we create for our city. They provide a detailed roadmap for Calgary — and give direction to over 15,000 City of Calgary employees and many community partners who deliver important daily services, programs, and infrastructure to approximately 1.2 million Calgarians.”

“In 2014, Calgarians told us that what was most important to them in terms of their priorities: Getting Around Calgary, Calgary’s Communities, Growing Calgary, Calgary’s Economy, Calgary’s Environment, and How The City works. We used these when we developed Council Priorities, focusing on things that Calgarians said mattered most”, said Mayor Nenshi.

Action Plan was developed at a time when we were anticipating challenges to keep up with significant growth. “Now our local circumstances have changed and we need to check in with citizens to determine what matters most for The City to focus on during the last half of the business cycle. We recognize that the plans and budgets need to adapt with Calgary's changing needs, so today we are launching our Check-in with Calgarians, to find out if the priorities for 2017 and 2018 have changed”, said Mayor Nenshi.

Mayor Nenshi said that, “What matters to Calgarians matters to us!” All Calgarians are encouraged to provide input either using the quick and easy online survey tool at, or joining a community event to tell us what matters most and what The City should focus on in 2017-2018.

Community events are currently being scheduled across Calgary in the month of February. The City encourages Calgarians to go to to find an event and location that works for you.

Information collected through the Action Plan Check-in will be presented to Council later this Spring and will help identify changes to the Action Plan 2017-2018 and associated tax rates that will be considered in November 2016.

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