Calgary, AB,

We're building Calgary together wherever you see our new notice

Thanks to input from Calgarians, we’re improving the way we inform citizens about proposed development applications in Calgary. Starting today, proposed developments will receive an onsite notice that is informative and easier to understand. The new notices include a map, a plain language description of the proposal, and resources such as to learn more about an application or provide feedback.

“This is a tremendous step towards improving how we communicate with citizens about a proposed development in their community,” says Sharon Jensen , Senior Planning Technician with The City’s Planning & Development department. “Calgarians told us our new notices are simple, informative and transparent.”

Calgarians were surveyed earlier this year to validate the changes made to the notices. Based on that feedback Calgarians agree the new signs are hitting the mark.








Increased interest and involvement is already being attributed to The City’s efforts to improve its online services from 2016. “Our website now includes information on all development permit applications in the city,” notes Jensen. “We’ve seen web traffic increase by 40 per cent, and public comments have increased by 188 per cent since 2016. With the launch of the new notices we expect this number to continue to increase.”

In most cases, an improved small notice measuring 2 feet by 3 feet will be posted by The City. Large development sites will be asked to post a larger version of the notice measuring 4 feet by 8 feet, which is in line with what other municipalities require across Canada. Last year alone 1,377 development permits and 436 land use redesignations were notice posted by The City, each of them providing an opportunity for citizen input.

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