Calgary, AB,

Dogs impounded and charges laid against owners

CALGARY, AB – Two dogs have been impounded and charges laid against the owners by Animal & Bylaw Services (ABS) in two separate aggressive dog incidents that occurred over the weekend.

The first occurred on Saturday, June 28. ABS and the Calgary Police Service were called to a home in Sunnyside on reports of an adult bull terrier biting a three-year-old.

“There were four young people (ages three, six, 14 and 17) as well as the dog owner in the backyard at the time of the incident. As the dog owner turned to go inside, the dog attacked and bit the child,” says Alvin Murray, Acting Director for ABS.

The child was taken to the children’s hospital and treated for a large laceration on the head.

The second incident occurred on Sunday, June 29, in the community of Midnapore. The owner of an adult chow/shepherd mix was eating snacks with her children (aged one and four) on the floor of their home when the dog pinned down the younger child.

“The incident resulted in a puncture to the top of the head and scratches to the arms and face,” says Murray.

Both dogs have been seized and are in the custody of ABS where they will be held and observed over the next 10 days for behavioural assessment. Both owners have been charged with a dog biting a person. Neither dog has a prior record of aggression.

Murray says these incidents are extremely concerning and should act as a reminder for parents and dog owners to be vigilant when small children are around dogs.

“Do not ever leave a child alone with a large dog, especially if food is involved. Even dogs that have no history of aggression have been known to bite children and adults without warning,” he adds.

A mandatory court appearance is required in all serious aggressive dog incidents and consequences will be determined by a judge. These consequences may include fines up to $10,000.

The City of Calgary promotes responsible pet ownership through a variety of methods including the Off-Leash Ambassador program, presentations at community events, hosting the annual Safety Expo and the P.U.P.P.Y. Program.

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