Calgary, AB,

City set to celebrate opening of Parkdale Plaza and Outflow public artwork

Calgarians will soon be able to visit and experience the city’s newest public space, Parkdale Plaza complete with a functional public art piece titled Outflow by Brian Tolle.

Parkdale Plaza, named for the community in which it resides, is a special stop along the Bow River pathway and part of Calgary’s highly valued Landscape of Memory. Features of the new plaza include benches and bike racks, native vegetation, sweeping river views, an upgraded stormwater outfall and Outflow, an integrated public art piece.

“Calgarians can now stop along the pathway, pause and connect with each other and with nature,” says Doug Marter, manager of Planning and Development for Parks. “Parkdale Plaza is a space that encourages dialogue, public interest and involvement in protecting our river.”

As an integrated public art piece, Outflow functions as both an educational tool and a segment of The City’s stormwater infrastructure. The sculpture is of an inverted mountain, namely Mount Peechee, the third highest peak in the Fairholme Range just north of Canmore in the Bow River watershed. The artwork memorializes the glacial origins of the Bow and how the river has shaped our city over the years, and highlights the delicate balance between our natural watershed and the built environment. Outflow is one of a series of permanent works outlined in the Utilities & Environmental Protection (UEP) Public Art Plan.

“This artwork is a wonderful example of how public art, in collaboration with other disciplines, can create remarkable places that encourages sustainability and stewardship,” says Sarah Iley, manager of Culture. “By integrating the artwork and bringing our stormwater system into public view, visitors get an inside look at stormwater as it travels from our streets and into the Bow River, untreated. It’s a reminder of our impact on our waterways.”

Over the next two weeks the final touches will happen to the plaza’s landscaping. Once complete, Calgarians will be able to enjoy the space, and are invited to attend the community celebration of Parkdale Plaza on Saturday, June 27 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. At the opening event, community members will hear from Councillor Druh Farrell, Artist Brian Tolle and City of Calgary representatives from Parks, Culture and Water Resources’ Infrastructure Delivery. Interactive children’s activities around protecting our waterways and light refreshments for the first 500 guests will also be provided.

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