Calgary, AB,

City of Calgary update on response to COVID-19 – May 26, 2020

The City of Calgary would like to remind citizens that we remain in a State of Local Emergency. This is to support the Government of Alberta’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. The City of Calgary, in collaboration with social agencies, the business community, civic partners and citizens is taking immediate action to respond to COVID-19.

Please see below for the latest updates

May 25 relaunch update

As part of phase one of The Province of Alberta’s relaunch strategy, hairstyling and barbershops as well as cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars for table service at 50 per cent capacity were permitted to reopen in Calgary yesterday. The initial day of reopening was positive with 311 receiving minimal calls and Business Licencing receiving only two complaints, both related to physical distancing.

“Businesses are really trying to work through this new operating landscape. It’s a great time for us, as Calgarians, to help these businesses be successful,” says Calgary Emergency Management Agency Deputy Chief Sue Henry. “Talk to the management of a business, if you see a change that can be done to make the business safer.”

Business Licensing officers will continue to be out this week and the foreseeable future, helping to ensure the safety of both staff and patrons in these establishments.

Visiting newly opened businesses

With many businesses reopening under very different circumstances, The City is asking Calgarians to follow a few simple requests before heading out:

Inform yourself – The Province has released the guidelines on the Alberta Biz Connect website for different businesses and it is important that customers understand them too. Please read up on the rules and regulations for each business before visiting them.

Prepare yourself - Continue to maintain the everyday practices that have helped us get to today, including physical distancing, frequent handwashing and wearing a face covering when out and about.

Blue Cart Update

As of May 25, there are no additional cases of COVID-19 at the Cascades Recovery sorting facility. The recycling facility will be operating at about 75 per cent by the end of the week as operations return to normal capacity. If you can’t hold onto material anymore, please put out your blue cart for pickup this week. Thank you for your patience and for putting the right items into the right bins.

Calgary Community Standards Weekend Patrols

Over the weekend, Peace Officers and Parks Ambassadors observations were overwhelmingly positive. City Parks Ambassadors spoke with over 10,372 people enjoying our parks and pathways. There still are physical distancing issues around skateparks and challenges in Eau Claire due to the sheer volume of people visiting the area

Calgarians are asked to avoid the following parks due to congestion:-Eau Claire Promenade-Prince’s Island Park-Sue Higgins Dog Park-Nose Hill Park

No tickets were handed out for Public Health Act violations. City officers conducted 190 visible patrols and issued 142 verbal warnings. 64 calls were received related to concerns about citizens not following the public health order, including physical distancing, public gatherings and playground use when closed.

Business License received 21 calls over the weekend and conducted 32 inspections. One warning was issued.

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