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City of Calgary update on response to COVID-19 – May 12, 2020

The City of Calgary would like to remind citizens that we remain in a State of Local Emergency. This is to support the Government of Alberta’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. The City of Calgary, in collaboration with social agencies, the business community, civic partners and citizens is taking immediate action to respond to COVID-19.

Please see below for the latest updates

Calgary Community Standards Patrols

Calgary Community Standards Peace Officers conducted 188 patrols in parks over the weekend. From those patrols, 66 warnings were issued and one Public Health Act ticket was issued. Two couples were picnicking on Scotsman Hill and were also illegally parked. The responding officers used education and discretion along with issuing one violation ticket.

Calgary Community Standards Peace Officers also patrolled all 10 skateparks to monitor for physical distancing and Public Health Act compliance.

The weather played a role in reducing volume in busier parks, however, there are still physical distancing issues with cyclists and pedestrians in the Eau Claire Promenade and also some physical distancing issues in skateparks. A challenge with the skateparks is that there are spectators who watch the skateboarders, compounding the problem by exceeding the 15-person limit.

“With the long weekend approaching and warmer temperatures in the forecast, it’s important for Calgarians to continue to practice physical distancing,” says Calgary Emergency Management Agency Chief Tom Sampson. “With two-thirds of the province’s COVID-19 cases here in Calgary, we need to be determined in our efforts and follow public health measures.”


Visitors to skateparks – both riders and those watching— are being asked to practice physical distancing and leave at least two metres of space between all users.

Parks Ambassadors are visiting skateparks to reinforce physical distancing messaging and support safer use of parks at this time. The City of Calgary is asking parents to talk with their children to ensure everyone understands these important public health measures.

“Our priority is to ensure Calgarians are safe,” says Calgary Emergency Management Agency Chief Tom Sampson. “Education is our first course of action when we see that physical distancing isn’t being practiced. We will move to enforcement and fines when necessary.”

Walk-Only Zones at Eau Claire Promenade

Calgary Community Standards Peace Officers have noticed a large volume of people using the pathway system located along the Eau Claire Promenade, and not following physical distancing rules. The overall volume of people creates challenges, but runners and cyclists weaving in and out also creates safety concerns. Barricades and signage have been set up at several locations in the area to create a walk-only zone in the area. Parks ambassadors and Calgary Community Standards Peace Officers visit the area daily.

The walk-only zone has slowed people down as an engineering control to encourage proper physical distancing by giving pathway users time to spread out and be safe. The City is looking to expand the use of walk-only areas in other parts of the city where congestion is an issue. Cyclists and runners are being asked to walk through these areas or choose alternate routes.

Joint Business Inspection Task Force

This past weekend, Alberta Health Services, City of Calgary Business Licence, the Calgary Police Service and Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis inspected several businesses due to multiple complaints from the public related to COVID.

The task force found four locations not adhering to physical distancing and each were issued a warning. All non-essential businesses visited were closed, complying with the Public Health Act order. No violation tickets were issued over the weekend.

The Joint Business Inspection Task Force will conduct weekly inspections for the foreseeable future, and any non-essential business found operating in contravention of the Public Health Act could face multiple fines, suspension or revocation of their business licence (coupled with charges under the Public Health Act). Citizens are encouraged to report complaints so that our officers may quickly investigate.

City reminds property owners and operators to flush water systems prior to re-entry

In support of the Provincial Relaunch Strategy, The City of Calgary wants to remind property owners and operators to be sure to flush stagnant water from pipes in buildings that have been vacant (or had low occupancy) the last few months.

Flushing stagnant water means running the water at each tap until the water is cold. This signals that fresh water is now coming from the water main. This helps to ensure fresh drinking water for building occupants, tenants and visitors. For more information about best practices, see:

While municipalities or municipal providers are responsible to get clean, safe drinking water to each property, it is the responsibility of each property owner or property management company to ensure the safety of water within their building and fresh, clean drinking water for visitors, occupants and tenants.

The City of Calgary’s highest priority is public health. We take great pride in providing safe and reliable drinking water to citizens and appreciate the support of the property owners, operators and all businesses in properly flushing upon returning to buildings.

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