Calgary, AB,

Calgarians advised to use caution as Elbow River water levels rise

The City of Calgary is advising citizens to avoid using the Elbow River for recreational purposes and exercise caution near the river until further notice.

Rainfall amounts totalling up to 90mm are anticipated Friday midday through to Sunday, which will result in increased flows on the Elbow River upstream of the Glenmore Reservoir. In anticipation of this high flow event, The City has been releasing water from the Glenmore Reservoir to accommodate the forecasted rainfall. Flows on the Elbow River downstream of Glenmore Reservoir have therefore been increasing.

The City recommends citizens and visitors:

  • Keep a safe distance from fast-moving water and riverbanks.
  • Parents, especially those who live near the river, should warn their children about the dangers of fast-moving water. Pets should also be kept away from fast moving water.
  • Fishermen, canoeists and recreational river users should avoid the Elbow River.
  • Cyclists and pedestrians should watch for low-lying areas where the river can submerge the Elbow River pathways.
  • Residents who live along the river should move lawn furniture and other portable items off the river bank.

Fast-moving water can also undermine and collapse steep river banks.

This high flow event is not currently anticipated to cause any significant overland flooding along the Elbow River downstream of the Glenmore Reservoir. The City is monitoring the river and will inform the public if the river rises significantly above the forecasted level. Updates will also be available on the City of Calgary website and by contacting 311.