Mayor Nenshi

Have you ever wondered which Calgary landmark you are? Well, now you can find out.

Today, The City of Calgary released a custom augmented reality filter on our Instagram channel. It’s modeled after the “what/who are you” filters that have become popular recently on the platform. The spinner, which is situated on a user’s forehead, can land on iconic Calgary buildings and landmarks from the Central Library to Heritage Park.

“We saw this as a fun and positive way to encourage citizens to showcase the vibrancy of our city to the world,” says Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “By using the filter, you can show your followers your Calgary pride.”

Mayor Nenshi was the first to try the filter and is featured on the demo video. He landed on the Calgary Tower; nodded and said, “I’m extremely tall, you can see me coming.”

The City’s innovative social media and creative teams came together to create the filter as a way for citizens to share their love for Calgary at no additional cost.

Try the filter for yourself and find out which Calgary landmark you are at