Teen receives best birthday gift

Dominique Padmaraj, Calgary Transit Operator, did not realize he was helping grant a bonus birthday gift when he helped reunite Sloan McGinn with his lost wallet just in time for his 17th birthday.

The wallet containing his birthday money and bus pass was found on a bus and handed over to the operator who later turned it into his Operations Supervisor, Inderjit Chauhan.

It was then passed to Gurpal Guraya, Operations Supervisor, who supports the area, who tracked down Sloan’s address to deliver the wallet himself. Because no one was home, he left it in the care of McGinn’s neighbours. But even though the wallet was passed from person-to-person, it ended up in the right hands with the cash still there.

Karin McGinn, Sloan’s mother, explained that her son was overjoyed that the wallet was found with all the money and contents intact.

“It shows how there really are nice people in this world who do the right thing,” Sloan McGinn told his mom after finding out the news about his wallet.

Sloan, a basketball enthusiast, is planning to use the money to treat himself to a brand-new pair of basketball shoes as a birthday present.

Talk about a slam dunk effort to make his birthday great!