Calgary, AB,

Statement from John Mitchell Smith's Family

We are providing the below statement and these photos on behalf of the family of John Mitchell Smith Jr., the victim of Calgary's latest homicide.

John was not only a brother and son, but our best friend. He had a heart of gold, was brilliant, funny, talented, driven and authentically himself. He was truly a revolutionary embodiment of Black joy. He made everyone around him feel seen, heard and empowered to self love. He was a protector.

John excelled on and off the court. He was a mentor and trainer to youth in the States and Calgary. He was also the President of the Black & Indigenous Student Union and a budding model. He planned on returning to SAIT to finish his degree in Business Administration and play his final season of basketball. 

We are devastated by his passing. A huge piece of us is gone. Our family is forever broken. He is left behind by his family and girlfriend, whom he truly loved.