Save time and apply for popular home improvement permits online

Calgary – The City of Calgary is pleased to announce that homeowners can now apply for our most popular home improvement permits online. Applying is faster and easier than ever thanks to The City’s new single application form and 24/7 online services.

“We’ve taken the hassle out of applying for our most popular home improvement permits by offering homeowners the ability to apply for these services from the comfort of their own home,” says Jacqueline Nishikawa, project manager with The City of Calgary. “Customers will be able to apply, upload documents and pay for their permit in a few easy steps, and in most cases, obtain their permit within an business day,” notes Nishikawa.

Calgarians can learn, apply and pay for our most popular home improvement projects on, including:

  • Basement, and interior renovations
  • Garages, sheds, greenhouses
  • Decks (uncovered)
  • Homeowner plumbing or electrical permits

A personal City myID is required to apply for homeowner permits online.

The City is introducing online services for its most popular home improvement projects ahead of time to maximize these benefits for its customers. Remaining home improvement permits will be available online by summer 2018.

Planning & Development continues to making progress on implementing the recommendations made last year during its Zero Based Review, which proposed a number of improvements for homeowners and business customers. To learn more about these service improvements visit