Fatality Fire in Albert Park Apartment

On November 28th, 2022, at approximately 0650 AM, the Calgary Fire Department responded to a call for fire alarms at the 2600 block of 16 avenue in the southeast community of Albert Park.  On arrival, crews found a 3-story apartment building with audible fire alarms and occupants evacuating. On investigation crews found smoke on the second floor that was originating from an apartment door.

Firefighters forced entry into the apartment and were met with thick smoke at the door.  On entry to the apartment, fire crews located one occupant and determined that the fire had exhausted available oxygen and fuel and gone out prior to entry.  Unfortunately, the lone occupant of the dwelling suffered fatal injuries and could not be resuscitated.  The fire was limited to the apartment of origin, and only minor smoke infiltrated the common spaces of the building on the second floor.  Crews secured the area and were able to quickly remove smoke and return air quality to normal.  Occupants in the remainder of the building were allowed back into their suites shortly after 0830 AM.  No other injuries were reported on scene, and Fire Investigators, Calgary Police Arson and the Medical Examiner all attended the incident.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Crews remained on scene for most of the day assisting investigators and monitoring conditions.