Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub opens to public

The historic Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber building will once again be a place where Calgarians can come together with the opening ofEau Claire Neighbourhood Hubthe Neighbourhood Hub.  The City of Calgary is partnering with cSPACE Projects and community groups to bring activations and programming to this historic building until the summer of 2024.

cSPACE Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub will launch in the Calgary community of Eau Claire on Thursday, Sept. 29. cSPACE Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub will be a place for arts, culture and under-served community groups without space to gather, and for creative happenings to occur. This new initiative will help enliven the downtown core through the occupation of the historic Eau Claire Lumber Company building. 

“Opening this historic lumber building as a neighbourhood hub for arts and community groups will activate the vacant historic asset and enliven this area of downtown for Calgarians to enjoy," said Deeter Schurig, President and CEO, cSPACE Projects.

In the cultural heart of Downtown, the Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub will support cultural vibrancy and support thriving communities. Supporting downtown vibrancy is at the core of our Downtown Strategy, which is working to reinvent downtown Calgary through community programming, improving safety and security, and by investing in public realm infrastructure and amenities that will make downtown a vibrant and attractive destination to visit, live and work.

“This project exemplifies the kinds of initiatives we will need to take to re-invent our downtown; leveraging our historic resources, adapting to a changing climate and offering and supporting inclusive places for Calgarians to express themselves and to gather and create strong communities for the future," says Thom Mahler, Director of Downtown Strategy for The City of Calgary.

The Neighbourhood Hub became an opportunity to create vibrancy in the community while construction of the Eau Claire Area Improvements is underway. The Neighbourhood Hub supports our goals towards building more resilient and vibrant communities that support future growth and development for the people who live, work, visit and travel the area.

“We knew that the Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber Co. building would need to be relocated to accommodate grade changes to the Plaza, meeting our flood resiliency requirements, creating an interesting challenge for our team. Occupying this historic building protects it from deteriorating while its new home is being prepared in Eau Claire Plaza. It was clear that the space would be well-suited to support our communities and neighborhoods in the downtown,” says Dennis Hoffart, Eau Claire Area Improvements Program manager. “After much deliberation over the potential uses for the space, we are excited to see what cSPACE has planned for the space and community.”

The Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber Co. was established in Calgary in 1886, so to ensure the space was ready for use, it was fitted with accessible ramps, an attractive outside deck area, and inviting lighting to support the Neighbourhood Hub's temporary use.

On Thursday Sept. 29 at 2 p.m. visitors are invited to the launch of cSPACE Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub and learn more about creating this community anchor in downtown. Attendees will enjoy performances by Calgary’s Poet Laureate Wakefield Brewster and Calgary music legend Kenna Burima, who is the Hub’s inaugural Artist-in-Residence.

About cSPACE Projects
cSPACE was formed in 2011 to build and manage large-scale hubs across Calgary that deliver affordable space, shared resources, networking opportunities and specialized programming for the cultural and creative sector. cSPACE Marda Loop (formerly King Edward School) is our flagship project, providing over 47,000 square feet of studios, workspaces, exhibition, and presentation space to diverse communities of artists, creative entrepreneurs, and non-profits.

About The Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber Co. Building
The Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber Co. was established in Calgary in 1886 and the present building (on The City’s inventory of evaluated historic assets) was the second office erected by the lumber company.