Calgary, AB,

Death in Rundle

The Calgary Police Service responded to multiple calls this afternoon, Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020, of a man with a shotgun walking along 16 Avenue N.E.

The man came in contact with many people, at one point he stopped a vehicle on the off ramp of 52 Street and entered the vehicle being driven by a woman.

The woman drove the man for a short while, towards Sunridge Mall, where he then exited her vehicle. The woman was unharmed physically.

A short while later, the man was found deceased in the 3800 block of Rundlehorn Drive N.E.

All information available at this time points to this being a suicide, so we will not be providing further details on the identity of the man. The nature of events leading up to the incident involved many members of the public that came in contact with him and that is why we have released this information.

CASE # 20337699