City of Calgary withdraws from the Annexation of Lands from Foothills County

Calgary City Council recently approved a recommendation from Administration to immediately withdraw from the process of annexing Foothills County lands into The City of Calgary.

The decision comes following the conclusion of the first phase of public consultation and the completion of technical analysis of the proposed annexation area, conducted to understand the development potential and servicing requirements of the area. It has also been determined The City has adequate land supply within its boundaries for the next 35-49 years, which is sufficient based on current growth rates.

“We have decided that now is not the appropriate time to proceed with the annexation of these lands from Foothills County. However, The City will continue to monitor its available land supply and will consider its need to pursue a more comprehensive annexation at a future date. We look forward to continuing to build a strong relationship with our neighbours in Foothills County," says Evan Spencer, Annexation Negotiation Committee (ANC) Co-Chair and Calgary Councillor.

Don Waldorf, ANC Co-Chair and Foothills County Councillor, says the County agrees with the decision.

“Foothills County supports The City of Calgary’s decision not to proceed with the annexation at this time. We value our strong relationship with Calgary and at such time as The City decides that they would like to undertake a more comprehensive annexation, we will be prepared to come to the table once again, ready to negotiate the terms of an annexation agreement,” says Councillor Waldorf.

The City initiated the annexation process in May 2022 by submitting a Notice to Annex to Foothills County, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Land and Property Rights Tribunal. The proposed annexation area included approximately 415 acres of land on the west side of Calgary’s southern boundary with Foothills County. The land is part of the larger Calgary Growth Area identified in the 2017 Foothills County – City of Calgary Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP).

More information will be made available on Foothills Land Annexation | Engage ( or Foothills Land Annexation | Foothills County (

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